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HX1200 80+ Platinum and RTX4090

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The official Corsair 8pin PCI-e to 16pin PCI-e5 connect only uses two 8 pin connectors. I'd guess that each 8 ping is good for at least 20amps which would give you 480W if you'd be using two daisy chain cables which is sufficient. I wouldn't be surprised if you can even do 30-40 amps on each 8 pin so yyou're getting that 600W guaranteed plus transient spikes.


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that PCIE5 cable is 600W, that's 300W per 8 pin connector. Not too dissimilar to the EPS12V one actually, but they both use 4x12V connexions

the pigtail cable on the other hand only uses 3x12V per PCIE connector, but uses bigger gauge cable to not be stuck to 150W. I guess it can go up to 300W but who knows, can't find any spec for that cable.

But already on 3080 and 3090, those cables tend to cause issues because of a slight Vdrop. one big cable with two plugs doesn't seem to work as well as two discrete cables.

Personally i'd rather advise to keep the pigtail cables for cards that are just over the power limit of one cable (like 200W cards powered with just one pigtail for example, or 320w cards with 1 single + 1 pigtail).

It would be a shame to smoke the connectors of a 2000+$ card to save on a 30$ cable ^^

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