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Hi guys.
Just about finished my revamp of my Corsair 1000D build with just about evetything conected to Aquacomputer Splitty4s (21 Corsair LL fans) - Farbwerk 360 x 2 and an Octo.
With 2 Rgbpx ports left on the 2nd Farbwerk 360 and 2 on the octo, what advice would you guys give in respect of connecting my EK 360 FLT res/cpu block/flow indicator and Trinity gpu block to these 4 ports either all together on a 4-way 5v 3 pin splitter (way under 90 leds capacity) or 2 each on 2-way Argb splitters, I also have the corsair rgb cable from the front io panel on the 1000D to connect.
It's a shame to plug them in singular as the flow ind has 2 leds and the cpu block 17 leds plus res has 21 and trinity gpu has 12.
Full rgb control is what im after, or would i have to get an active Argb splitter from amazon.

Advice app.

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