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LGA 1700 and Hydro Series™ H115i PRO not compatible with socket how to bypass


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Hi all, 

Apologies if posted in incorrect section, 

I am a happy owner of attached cooling system that's been doing a great work with gen8, 

I've upgraded to 12700K and wanted to use it too, ordered retrofit kit with new standoffs and unfortunately it seems that new standoffs and cooling is very loose while installed onto the socket as temps hit 100c instantly... ive gone a bit wild and installed it onto LGA1700 using standoffs from LGA 115X, surprisingly contact between IHS and cooling block i quite good but not perfect as it should be, while under moderate CPU load and in gaming temps are not hitting more than 65c even in QUIET and BALANCED modes, thats sic!, however when CPU load hits 160W temps are instantly hitting 100c. 


I'm wondering has anyone not given up on that cooling and made some DIY modifications to allow better contact between cooling and IHS? 

i see it that way.. if standoffs were slightly ( less than 1mm) shorter it would allow cooling block to stick to IHS more . 


Have you got any suggestions? 

Kind regards,


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