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12900KS And H170i, High Load Temps W/ Thermal Throttling Help.

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Okay I run the cpu and cooler combo in the title, but doing any kind of benchmark or even gaming, my cpu gets hotttt and thermal throttles itself, what could be the issue running a 420mm AIO and the cpu voltage at 1.250, itll throttle instantly in stuff like cinebench and easily reachjes like 80c+ when gaming.


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seems all power limits are disabled, so the thing boosts constantly to as much as the AIO can take, then hits thermal throttling.

PL1 and PL2 power are set to 4095W, basically  no limit.

You would have to go to the bios and load the recommended settings for the CPU. I'm stuck on 10th gen so i don't know how it will look like in your motherboard, but i would start there.

it should have a short duration boost to 241W, but for longer loads it's limited to 125W. I personally wouldn't try to push a constant 260W or more on an AIO.


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Cinebench, Prime, anything with complex instructions may muddy the waters right now.  80C+ for gaming seems high, particularly if the temps are riding in that zone rather than some momentary peak value.  First check here is going to be physical contact on the block/CPU.  I would shut down and unscrew the block to take a look at the spread.  If its still clumpy or in sections, they are not together.  Bad contact will cause temp problems with normal operations, so if you are hitting 60-70C opening up a browser, then this is probably what you need to be looking for.  

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I'm buying one of those 1700 bend stopper block things, but after tinkering with it ALL day, it's definitely my motherboard overclock settings as well as intels power boost, these benches where it hit 100% right away was with the motherboard allowing unlimited watts, and the clock frequency always at 5.2ghz when under load.


With the h170i, and tweaking things, I am able to run the 12900ks at 4.8ghz under load with 250watt allowance for long and short boost, running no more than 1.2volts the temps at 4.8ghz in cinebench get up to like 92-93, but do not thermal Throttle and in games with the CPU cores running at 4.8ghz the temps hover around 60-70c with everything maxed and a lot going on in game.


I think that's a good place to keep the CPU, as I believe an overclock of 4.8 isn't bad when the "turbo.boost" always try and sets it at 5.2.

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