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l170i Issue, latest firmware.

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Okay, I have 1 commander core with the AIO, and two Core XT and 1 lighting node pro.  Installed, the LCD screen shows no ring and sometimes a static 0, but other times the red triangle.  All 4 hubs show up in icue, but the LCD is just showing up as the commander core.


It worked briefly on first test before cable management, but after organizing the cables and turning it on, the LCD is just defunct when in boot, it shows the Corsair logo on reboot tho.


But now it's just being recognized as a commander core.   I've tried uninstalling software, updating the firmware, doing a hard reset and soft reset and every time the same thing, I can control fans and rgb, just no LCD option.


So looking around it seems like this is common, but are there any surfie fixes? Or do I need to RMA the commander core

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Okay update, with the new 4.25 out that has the options to alter the LCD even if it's displaying as the commander core, I check firmware on both the LCD and the commander core, both are up to date, but if I force an update of the firmware, the LCD will reboot and do it's thing and for about 2 seconds display like it should then go right back to the red triangle, I've tried clean uninstall, and forced refresh and it's still doing it.  But any time I force it to update even if it is up to date, I get the coolant temp for a quick second.

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Another update, I found that if I go into the commander core and set the new "hardware settings" and change it to a static image when icue is closed, when I close icue the static image will post on the LCD but still no led lights and no temperature monitoring capability.

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