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How can I connect the following to my MSI Z690 Godlike...

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I have a Commander XT, and a RGB hub fan controller which I am connecting to 10 ML 120 fans (9 fans are into the commander xt with 3 3 way splitters). I also have a Hydro X XD5 and a Hydro X XD3 that are going into the build. Currently the plan is to run all the fans RGB into the 2 controllers, then run the 2 pumps daisy chained into the jcorsair1 pin on the motherboard. Will this work? And will iCue be able to control the speed of the fans and all these RGB's. I have some spare parts in case I need them: another RGB hub fan controller, 2 lighting node pro. And the ROG RYUJIN 360 comes with its own controller that I am going to attack to a jrainbow1. What will iCue see? Will I be able to control the ROG pump speed or have to resort to that controller software? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I am crazy over kill, including the splicing of the ROG into the series loop. There is an Optimus Water Block going in there too. I know, I know, just kinda got out of control lol...






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Anyone out there?

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phew, 3 pumps in series, one being an AIO pump... you are going to have a fun time ^^'

Before connecting everything, i'd advise you to remove the AIO radiator. It's aluminium and not compatible with custom loop copper and brass parts. Galvanic corrosion galore.

A single pump (XD5 or XD3) is more than capable of handling 3 rads and two blocks. that will simplify a lot your loop.

the Ryujin pump block will also likely just act as a big restriction since it's not made to cope with the kind of flows custom loop pumps push.

Also, the block is controlled via USB, so iCUE won't be able to control it. you'll need Armoury crate.

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