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Corsair One i164 Fan not working

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Hello guys.. As the title says.. I noticed that my fan never spin no matter what work I do on my unit


That cause some temperature spikes that force my pc to get blue screen


My fan used to work but I think after a windows updates earlier this year, something happened and it's not spinning anymore



Can you guys please help me figure this out and force the fan to spin again


Thank you

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First you have to isolate the problem by confirming if the fan is broken or it's caused by software.

If it is the fan, just replace the fan.

If the fan itself is fine, then check the iCue setting

If iCue setting is fine, try a clean installation of iCue

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey!  Sorry to hear you're having issues with the system.  If we can narrow down what the issue is we can properly address it.  By fan, do you mean the fan at the top of the system?  Have you tried opening up the system and reseating the PWM cable?  Does BIOS recognize the fan?

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