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Lenovo Legion 7 Series - Icue not working properly

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I'm having isuses with a brand new Lenovo Legion laptop with iCue. Firstly, when I first got it and turned it on, it did go to the rainbow effect. However, since then when it turns on, comes out of sleep etc nothing lights up.  I can go into the software and reselect the selected profile and it begins working. (also, key press profile has never worked and is one I'd love to use. Any ideas on that would be greatly appreciated as well)

Also nothing shows up under the dashboard..just the background. Perhaps that is how it just is? not sure how to set up like game specific or even add supported games. Nothing shows up in the list, yet it's enabled. 

My biggest issues:

1 - Profiles don't keep working (although are checkmarked always)

2 - Key press built-in profile not working at all.


thanks in advance!

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You will need to reach out to Lenovo for support with your laptop.

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