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Icue/Icue Nexus - no core #2 on 10900k ?


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Hello All!

Today i see a strange issue with icue together with my icue nexus. If i try to make widgets for processor load on each on my cores on a 
10900k, i only see Cores 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and, crazy enough, Core 11. Any ideas on this? Is this a known issue?


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It seems to be.  The CPUID SDK component that fetches this data was updated in CUE 4.24.  A few other users mentioned renumbered cores.  I have a 10900K and it is the same -- #2 is gone but now I have a Core #11.  The other problem is the actual core numbering is incorrect as well.  My 9/10 are my two "cool cores" compared to all the others and these register as core number 9/10 in every other program.  However, in CUE with CPUID SDK those two cores are 4 & 5.  The later has been an issue for almost a year.  I would not expect this to be resolved immediately. 

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Ah, nice to know, that i am not the only one. Thanks for response. 
Maybe they pick this up... 🙂


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