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  1. Hello! Updated to this version. What i realize (and i am not sure, if the last version is responsible for it), my icue nexus stop updating, after some time. At first i thought it is the case, when the screenblanker comes up and the nexus won't realize, they're unblank again. But that seems not to be the case. It just stop updating after some time. No clue, why and when. If i hit the screen it is running through all the updates really fast, until it reaches the momentary status. Is this a problem of this version?
  2. Seems so. I so hope it will stay that way. Since my last post, not any freeze anymore. Great, Corsair! A long job, sure - but in the end: Great. Thanks!
  3. Still no freeze. Even with hardcore rainbow animations in 3 areas on the keyboard and the fastest polling rate available. Knock on wood it stays like that, cause i really love that keyboard. One of the best i ever owned. Thanks, Corsair - hopefully! 🙂
  4. Heya Marcus, hopefully, with a firmware update for the K100 OPX? 🙂
  5. I think, this is done now. We never ever will hear anthing again from this. We bought this buggy beast and there seems to be no will to fix this thing in any way. I think in short, i will throw it into the garbage and keep it in mind as the greatest misinvestment, i ever did. I should have send it back, after the bug showed up. It was a great mistake waiting for a fix and hearing to corsairs promises. I am pretty sure, this will never fixed. @Corsair It really is a shame, that it is still sold everywhere.
  6. Same, if you use the gfx card sensor (at least for me), as source for fan control. It shows the right temp of the gfx card, but internally it seems to work with a value of 0 (5.7.106). Also the K100 OPX hanging bug isn't resolved till yet. @Corsair Its time to recall this keyboard from all the shops if you are not willing to fix this bug.
  7. Hello! Updated to 5.7.106. Icue is not recognizing the gfx temp anymore in a right manner. I got some fans, i regulate depending on the gfx temps. The temps will show up right, but the commander refuse to start the fans, if the sensor is one of the gfx cards... Attached Screenshot below.
  8. 1.14.58 / 5.6.96 - a good while later. Still no joy. Really, corsair - will this ever be fixed!? Or is it complete out of focus? The hangs will start bugging me and i like to know, if i should shred this thing to the garbage and get a functional one, or not. I start to believe, the contacts inside my usb hub and usb plug will start to die, before this is fixed.
  9. Seems like i am in the same boat, about this. The keyboard is freezing, only i got an color animation, like rainbow or something, active... As far i am on solid color, it seems to be stable. Any news about this, in the meantime?
  10. Its working again. Repair the install fixed it, as far i can see...
  11. After updating to 5.5.134: 2x Commander Pro, AX1200i, H150i RGB, LT100 Towers: Gone! 😞
  12. Been in the same boat. The keyboard worked for 3 or 4 days without any issue 24/7. After a restart the freeze started again. But not that often, than before. Something got better with the latest firmware. But it seems, the problem isn't killed at all. Would love to help anyhow, that corsair can find the problem - if i can.
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