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Corsair iCUE v4's re-pairing mechanism doesn't properly work with Corsair Katar Pro Wireless

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I've been using my mice on my Laptop via Bluetooth recently and it stopped working when I used it on my PC via 2.4Ghz mode. I tried to reset and re-pair the mice in iCUE v4 to no avail but my PC recognizes the USB wireless receiver every time I plug it in. I also tried force updating the firmware but it still won't work on that mode, however it re-paired successfully with iCUE v3 which I assume the pairing mechanism is broken with iCUE v4. 

I hope this is something can be fixed in future iCUE update so we don't have to re-install iCUE v3 whenever this issue happens.


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  • Corsair Employees

We would recommend that you reach out to our support staff directly by opening a ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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