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Corsair M65 RGB elite, left click failure after 1 month

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Hey folks, 

I just bought a M65 RGB elite wired mouse from best buy about a month ago, and the left click is failing about 25% clicks. It started happening yesterday very suddenly, but became much worse, and much more noticeable today. 

I always pictured Corsairs as a premium brand, so I'm honestly astounded by this. Never dropped the thing, never squished it. It's sat on my desk since I took it out of the box. (At least they gave me an excuse for bad marine splits in SC2, lol) 

I'm inconveniently 2 weeks outside of Best Buys warranty. Does this product have a recall, or replacement policy? Is there an easy repair?

Just shooting straight, this is my first and last corsair purchase if customer support doesn't come in clutch. 

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Alright, whatever, hopefully this gets boosted for google searches. 

Starting from the back, then working slowly down each side, I pried the center top plastic panel that makes up the center panel, right click, and left click buttons of the mouse. 

On the back side of the buttons of this plastic panel, I found a square peg which slots into a square whole in the main body of the mouse. 

Inside this hole in the main body of the mouse was a tiny blue cylinder running left to right which connected to the underlying circuitry. Pressing this gently produced a click, and caused the onscreen click, so this is the actual button and the source of the audible click.

There was a tiny bit of fuzz on the blue button, (by which I mean nearly imperceptible. Barely 2 mm in diameter.) and I cleaned this off. Then I gently pressed the button multiple times with pegwood. 

I don't know what actually fixed the problem, but as of now I am able to click consistently again. However, the unclick action is noticeably weaker. I pried the cover off as gently as I could, and only gently clicked the blue button, but I suspect one of these actions has resulted in the weaker unclick. 

Not impressed with this product. I worked a tech job in the field, using a logitech bluetooth mouse for years. That thing suffered crazy abuse with the only wear being the actual rubber wrap on the main body beginning to dissolve from hand sweat after 4 years. 

This high end mouse seems to have been disabled by fuzz so small it wouldn't even cause me to sneeze. 

But hey. I can bind starcraft ability rapid fire to a thumb button which is nice, I guess. 

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  • Corsair Employees

We would recommend you reach out to our support team directly by opening a ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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