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How many m.2 slots are in the i300?

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I saw a review that mentioned that there are three m.2 slots (2 sandwiched on the front, and one on the back of the motherboard). But I don't know if they are basing that on the regular retail model of the motherboard in the system, or if they actually opened it up to see for themselves.

I asked support earlier, but they weren't sure, and thought that the board could possibly be a custom revision for the i300 specifically.

Does anyone know? I know Corsair would not recommend using additional m.2 drives since it isn't mentioned in the upgrade docs, but I really do need access to an additional slot.

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Three is correct. Two in front (one PCIe 4.0, one PCie 3.0) and one on the rear (PCIe 4.0).

If you decide to install an additional m.2, you may imagine you'll need to be extremely careful and delicate during the process. Any mishandling (ex. damaging radiator, fans) or wrongful installation will void the warranty.

The front m.2 slots are much easier to access - avoid the rear unless absolutely necessary.

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