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RM740x UK (CP-9020199-UK) vs MSI PRO Z690-A DDR compatibility?

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I've come back to PC building after a few years break and have a head scratcher question.


The Cosair RM750x has 2x 8-pin sockets marked as PCIe and CPU, whereas the motherboard has 2x 8pin CPU sockets and obviously required another 1x 8pin PCIe for the Graphics card. 

The motherboard is a MSI PRO Z690-A DDR :

1) is one of those power sockets optional or

2) is there an adaptor or different cable required for the PSU for compatibility,, or

3) do i need a different PSU?

many thanks

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the PSU has 4x 8 pin sockets for CPU and GPU



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Well, you asked, instead of buying another power supply for nothing 🙂 i'd call that smart?

there's no dumb questions 🙂

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