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Problem loading both corsair sticks at once

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I bought two sticks of ValueSelect SODIMM 512MB DDR400 PC3200. I am trying to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 5100. It has a 1GB limit for memory, so I thought that it would run 2x512MB just fine. I'm having problems though. Here's what happens in the following scenarios:


1 new stick, 1 old stick: detects a memory change during loading, computer runs fine and detects ram as 768 (old+new)

2 new sticks: Turn computer on and I get a blank screen with no loading activity.

2 old sticks: runs like it normally did


I tried both sticks individually and they work when they are run with an old stick at the same time. I tried switching slots and it doesn't help. I'm not sure if the ram is TOO fast for my laptop that it won't work. Any help would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately your Dell Inspiron 5100 notebook series can only support PC2100 and not PC3200, please use 2 sticks of our VS512SDS266, this should work without any problem and should be fully compatible with your DELL inspiron 5100 series system.
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