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Cosair ONE - Shocking Customer RMA Time - 1 month

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I have decided to post here and across all other platforms to share my shockingly poor Corsair ONE RMA service...


Bearing in mind this is a £3,500 PC and meant to be "GOLD" rated support.



It has taken 4 weeks (1 month) for my RMA to process, in that time the customer support team have literally made so many mistakes such as saying my machine never arrived back at the depot...


I phoned back a missed call from one tech who said this incorrect information and it charged me £80 for the phone call !!! something Corsair refuse to cover despite acknowledging the fact they made a mistake.

The replacement machine has just turned up today and I would have expected an upgrade to alleviate the shockingly poor service... but NO... same specs...


Refurbed unit...


I suspect what they have done it waited a month for another machine to come in and swap the parts around....


This ISN'T customer service...

2005158524 < is the RMA number !!

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OcGeek123,  that's awful man.  Yea we are all on the same page at this point.  Everyone on these forums at this point fully understands that the Corsair One systems are amazing machines but when they fail or need updates, there is absolutely no support or proper feedback/communication/fixes.  

The machine has amazing potential with no good support.  

I won't be purchasing nor recommend purchasing systems from Corsair again.  I'm going over to Dell/Alienware for my next purchase.  They give 10% military discount and they have much better support then Corsair with better prices (or Falcon Northwest).

Support needs to match the product.  For a $5000 machine seems like I and many others are getting intentionally the worst customer support for this product.  This is unacceptable, hopefully someone at Corsair turns this **** show around.


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