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compatible motherboard for carbide spec delta rgb.

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Hi i recently purchased a spec delta case from the corsair amazon page and a motherboard that i thought was compatible but wasn't and didn't have the correct fan connections or on off switch connections. It also doesn't have the correct connection for the rgb cooler (artic freezer i35 A-rgb). could you please recommend a motherboard that is good for this case and i compatible with a intel 10100f (1200 socket) a corsair vengeance lpx 2400 mhz 2x4 gb sticks of memory and a 500gb m.2 ssd. I used pcpartpicker which said it was compatible but wasn't could someone please recommend a motherboard that is reasonably priced.



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RGB is one thing, but all motherboards have the same fan connectors and front panel connectors too.

what motherboard do you currently have?

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for the front panel switch, have a look at the motherboard manual https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/mb/M7D22v1.5.pdf

Page 14 you have the pinout of the socket to know where to connect the various wires.

For the fans, the board has 4 pin connectors, but they work with 3 pin fans as well., the 4th pin is just left out. (It is used for PWM fans, which yours are not)

there's a plastic tab on the socket to make sure you align the fan connector properly.

Look in the manual page 17 🙂

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