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It's really so terrible.

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 I received my 7300 computer today on March 12, 2022. I set up the computer, finished all the Windows setup, and installed the Steam game Elden Ring. And the game started. Then all of a sudden the screen went black and I couldn't do anything. So I pressed the power button to reboot the computer. Then I restarted it, but the monitor screen, keyboard and mouse don't light up, and Windows doesn't boot. The computer lights up, and all the fans are running fine. But windows won't boot. I'm really very angry. Because it was a Saturday, the customer service was also closed. How can i solve this problem??

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Hi @AceEric77

Sorry to hear you had this issue!

Our Corsair ONE Support line is open 24/7 with full details on the link below



I see that you've registered some tickets with our support team (based on your forum details) - so it looks like you're already in good hands!


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