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Sorry to be somewhat stupid, however I am an old guy of 65 years, so I was around long before any computers! I have just built my latest gaming computer and although I have built several somewhat sophisticated ones in the past, I am unfamiliar with RGB tech. I have found no documentation on the 5000x to simply enable the 3 case fans that come with the unit. I added three additional fans and plugged them into the motherboard, and obviously they work fine. I know I can plug the three front fans in like the three I added, however I'd like to use the hub that came with the case.

Is there any way to simply enable the three front fans by way of the hub that they are already plugged in to? Must I go with something like the Commander pro, etc. I have read a lot about setting the system up this way, but nothing about just getting these three front fans to power up. Thanks!

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Are you referring to power/speed control for the 3 original fans or RGB?


All Corsair RGB fans have two separate wires — one for traditional fan motor control and another for RGB 5v lighting power. These are independent operations.

For speed control you can connect them to any MB or other PWM fan controller. Of possible use, there is a small circuit board PWM repeater in the back of the 5000X. This is effectively a powered splitter. You could connect the front three fans to the PWM hub, then run its control line back to any MB PWM header. All 3 will run from the single control header. 


For RGB control there should be a small device called a Lighting Node Core in back.  It’s a 6 fan hub with Corsair branding and will only accept the special Corsair RGB connector. It also will have a SATA wire for power and a USB 2.0 connector so the device can communicate with the CUE software. You must connect the 3 SP-Elite “8 LED fan series” from the front in sequential order starting at port 1.  Most Corsair controllers are serial, so no skipping ports. 

You only need a Commander Pro or XT if you want speed control through CUE. These are overlapping systems and there is usually more than one possible setup. If you have other RGB fans or gear plans, better to plan for it from the onset. 

Helpful guide with pictures for identifying devices. 


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Thanks C,

Ok, Yes, I am talking about the three fans that came with the case. They are all pre-wired to the fan hub and RGB(hub). I ran the PWM jack that comes from the hub to a fan header on the motherboard and nothing happens(no power). When I connected the USB cable(in RGB hub) to the motherboard and the SATA to power it shorts the system out. The SATA cable is the problem. I can not connect the SATA cable to power as something is amiss. As I said all fans are pre wired so I assume they are correct. What I find difficult to understand is that there was NO documentation that came with the case that describes the function of the PRE installed hubs. I seem to be missing something here??

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The PWM hub will require SATA power.  Make sure it is connected to a PSU SATA cable or possibly try a different one.  It seems like there may be an issue with this.  Also note you may manually need to switch the MB fan header into "PWM mode" in the BIOS.  Most MB headers are auto-switching, but it's possible it does not properly detect it on boot and then does not send a PWM signal.  


2 hours ago, Tabmaw said:

When I connected the USB cable(in RGB hub) to the motherboard and the SATA to power it shorts the system out.

This more worrisome.  I don't know if the issue is on the device side or the PSU side.  Anything else on this SATA cable?  HDDs, SSDs, etc?  All working fine?  I would try another PSU cable from the box if there is a short, but probability suggests the issue is on the device side.  It is also likely worth a look to see if either SATA cable has worn insulation or is touching the metal case frame in some way.  Obviously err on the side of caution here.  


As far as documentation goes, I am afraid that is more or less a thing of the past.  Most things of the nature will be either online (product page download) or pushed off into social media or Youtube links.  There are several variations of the 5000 and not all of them come with the hardware in question, but the Quick Start guide for the X does not even list the RGB components.  Of note while I am looking at the page, do not download CUE 3.38 for legacy devices.  That is not going to apply to your set-up and you should be using CUE 4 from the main downloads page.  


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Hi C,

Sorry for the delay, but I was trying to figure things out. I gave up and bought a commander pro, rgb hub/three rgb fans and installed them. I powered up and the same problem, a short when I connected the SATA. So, I took the cable out of the PSU and sorted through my assorted PSU cables left over from several builds I have done. I must have switched a Corsaire cable with a Seasonic. They looked identical and fit perfect, however they must be wired differently. I have never heard of this before but I am sure it has happened to some other dummy like me! I really appreciate your(trying) to help me! Thanks!!

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