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CPU Temp Sensor not found in iCUE 4


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Hi all,

Looking for some help as a newbie PC builder. Installed a H100i elite LCD into a new build, all fans connected to a Commander Core unit, loaded the latest version of iCUE 4 and then decided to play about with fan settings. First thing I realised was that in the BIOS, I could not find all fans connected or the AIO to set fan speeds etc. Been told this is because I have them all hooked up to the Commander core unit. Not sure if that's true?? 

When in iCUE 4, I am unable to locate the CPU temp sensor, having done a google search, I believe this was present in previous versions of the software but no longer present in iCUE 4? Again, not sure if this is true or if I've installed incorrectly?

Hope you can help. 

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in BIOS you can only control the motherboard fan headers, so that's normal.

As for iCUE's CPU temp sensors i don't know, but you don't need it either for the AIO. The fan speed should be controlled by the water temperature (H100i temp) and not CPU temp.

All the fast temperature changes the CPU experiences are absorbed by the water, so you don't need to constantly accelerate the fans, like everytime you open a browser or click a youtube video.

All you care about is that the water stays within an acceptable temperature range. it changes fairly slowly so the fan speed should adapt to that.

Controlling by CPU temp creates mostly sound nuisance for no cooling benefit.

It would be like controlling your car's radiator fan from some cylinder temperature sensor 😛

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