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H100i XT Pro on Asus Z690-P. Motherboard reporting incorrect RPM

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I have a new setup with the H100i XT Pro on an Asus Z690-P.
The 2 fans are connected to the pump and the pump is connected to the CPU Fan header on MB as per the instructions.
Firmware is up to date and latest iCue installed.

iCue Dashboard is reporting the following
Pump 2335 RPM
Fan1 616 RPM
Fan2 670 RPM
The fan values seem to be consistent with what I am phsycally seeing.

The motherboard is reporting the CPU fan at 4821 RPM.  Why the descrpency with the RPM?
Is there a way to manage the CPU fans in iCue for quite or high performance options?

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iCUE and the motherboard both display the right value actually.

On water pumps you have two tiny magnets embedded on the impeller to measure the rotation speed. (2 for balance purposes).

So each rotation generates two signal impulses.

The motherboard displays the raw signal sent by the pump

Icue divides it by 2 to display the real pump speed.

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true. the AIO reports the pump speed to the motherboard. The motherboard has no control at all. it's purely to avoid having the CPU fan alarm.

Fan and pump speed is controlled within iCUE, in your AIO screen

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