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Command Pro cycling through fans


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Ive not had a problem until the last month. I have a lighting core, commander pro, H100i & vengeance pro RAM.

everything was working fine but now the commander pro keeps cycling through all the options. goes from 2 fans connected to 3 to 4 to none. Reports fans are at 12,000 RPM 0 RPM and its just not controlling the fan speeds at all.

H100 fans are fine they are being controlled.

I've tried about 10 different version of icue even back to 3 and they all still do the same. Is my commander pro dead?

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it looks like you have a hardware monitoring program running in the background conflicting with iCUE. could be HWmonitor, HWinfo64, Aida... 

If you do, try disabling it, and restart the corsair service within iCUE (or reboot, making sure that other program won't launch at startup), and see what the score is.

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