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LS100 Light Strip Connection

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I currently have 5 Corsair LL140MM RGB lights and a Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler in my case.... all are connected to a Corsair Commander Core XT. This setup uses all of the available RGB/Fan ports on the Commander.

I would like to add some LS100 strip lights (4). Would it be possible for me to connect a lighting node pro to the USB bridge connector of the Core XT and would I still be able to control the strip lights using ICUE if I did this?

Thanks in advance.

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First, you have a Commander Core, not a Commander Core XT. The Capellix coolers come with the former and require it. Corsair's names are confusing.

And while that works with the Commander Core XT, I've not seen the Capellix Commander Core with the same connector (though it's be nice if they changed that).

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