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i300 12900K Rockit Cool De-Lid / IHS Upgrade

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Happy to say after spending a handful of hours performing the 12900K De-Lid / IHS Upgrade with accessories from Rockit Cool, I have noticed significant thermal improvements on the i300.

Overall experiencing 9-15C temperature drops all around depending on application, absolutely beautiful.

Was even able to push performance on the 12900K achieving a 26236 without thermal throttle, prior only reaching around 25400 before while thermal throttle kicks in at 90c.

More impressive to me is when running low/default fan speed is only 3C warmer then prior running MAX fan speed with Cinebench R23 and now achieving a slightly higher score, to me the upgrade is worth this alone! 

If interested here's the link to Rockit Cool: https://rockitcool.myshopify.com/

This is a short video I put together =/.  Cheers!





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before applying the new IHS i would have tried lapping the 12900k, to compare what has been gained from using a flat IHS with new paste VS full delidding.

Prety good results!

9-13°C may sound small but that's at full power, when before you had higher temps AND loss of frequency. so it's a bigger gain than it seems.


It's a bit like when repasting a laptop. It may still throttle, but it will throttle at higher speed, so even if the temp gains are small or nonexistent, you always gain in perfs.

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That's wonderful that it worked out so well. Would you say that even an amateur can do this conversion ? Will you keep us up to date with updates?
I would be interested to know how long this mod kit lasts and does it have to be repeated more often as in the video over time?

Do you have screenshots of the temperatures?

best wishes 

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Very cool. I think it is amazing that it can reduce the temperature by 9-15C at full power. 

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***UPDATE***  Important update to note if you will be performing this. 

This morning turned on the i300 and was having serious temp issues on the CPU. After troubleshooting was able to resolve with the following conclusion.

 When you put liquid metal on bare copper or other metals but absolutely with copper, there is a difference in potential between the liquid metal and the (IHS)/Copper the liquid metal will perform ion migration into the copper surface essentially plating the surface (as per Nexus Gamer).  This can take some time to settle in for the process to fully complete.

My theory is that due to both IHS and the copper cooler plate not being properly plated and set in with the liquid metal prior, this process slowly took place from when I originally performed the de-lid and in turn degraded the already applied TIM overall on a micro level.

I re applied liquid metal between the IHS and Cooler (but not the die and IHS).  Ran Cinebench and running 1C lower now with room temp 1F higher so looking equal if not better then before after Multicore test.

*** My recommendation to anyone performing this is to plate your surfaces well in advance to let this natural process take place and then reclean and re-apply your liquid metal so you won't have to later on.  What you all think any other theories?  Anyway anything changes I will let ya know.

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@BRTZ, Sorry yea that was a lot said.   Basically when you do the de-lid, put the liquid metal on all the surfaces that are going to make contact, wait around an hour, clean off all the liquid metal and dry with alcohol and then reapply the liquid metal for installation.

This process will coat your bare surfaces allow plating to naturally take place, then when recleaned you will be  applying the liquid metal on an already plated surfaced and not a bare surface.

To sum it up, you want to apply the liquid metal to an already plated surface, not a bare surface, otherwise you will have temp issues later.

If any other questions please let me know, would be more then happy to answer!

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