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Changed to 4000X, fans not lightning !

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Hello guys ! (First of all i ain't english, so i'll try my best to explain myself)

Everything in my PC is corsair, AIO, RAM, Fans and Case.

I changed my case for a 4000X one and followed everything for the building on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxqadomEOQg

Let met explain my problem, my front panel fans not are not lightning at all but runs normaly, AIO ones are doing good and rear one sometimes lights and sometimes not. ICUE detects all of the fans and i can control the fan speed. 

I think my problem is that i have 3 different types of fans. 

3x SP120 RGB ELITE, in front panel.
1x Rear that is a SP120 RBG
2x ML120 PRO RGB that are connect with AIO H100i Platinum

A commander pro 

So my connections are like this : 

3x SP120 RGB ELITE in Front fans connected in the integrated Lightning Node (in 4,5,6)
1x SP120 RBG in Rear connected to integrated Lightning Node (in 1)

All of that connected to Commander pro by the USB 2.0

2x ML120 PRO RGB connected to AIO H100i, wich is connected to Commander pro by USB 2.0/

Now that i think i explain correcly, it's all like on the picture linked to the post. (Picture taken from the video before, but i done it exacly the same...)

My Icue detects Lightning and COMMANDER wich detects every fans, at least to control the RMP so i think everything is setup okay.

The thing is, after trying to selecting every fans, no way to get the front ones to get any lights. Managed to get some lights one the rear and AIO but never in front, but i guess integrated Hubs works cause rear RGb can work...

Do you think it's cause i have many different types of fans, or it may be a problem with a hub ?

 If you think it can be cause of the 3 different types, I got a pack of 3 SP120 RGB ELITE in stock, can i replace the AIO fans (2xML120 PRO RGB) and the rear one,(SP120 RGB) with the 3 SP120 RGB ELITE ?

That would mean all my 6 fans are SP120 RGB ELITE

Having only SP120 RGB ELITE may fix the issue, or should i already got lights on the ones already installed even tho they don't synchronise ? 

Thank you a lot for reading and i hope we'll manage to fix that !

PS: I already made this post in a wrong section, couldnt find how to delete it.. before reposting 
https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/174151-front-panel-fans-not-lightning-4000x/ sorry about that.





PC vidéo.jpg

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The SP120-RGB in the rear slot is a problem.  Those are the original Corsair RGB fans and are not compatible with the other types when on the same lighting circuit.  In the last #6 position, I would expect it simply to stay dark, but it's possible it could cause errors on the line.  


Your ML-RGB from the Platinum are 4 LEDs.  The SP-Elite are 8 LEDs.  In order to make this work currently, set the lighting in the Lighting Node Core to "8 LED series fan" x 4.  This will make each of the ML-RGB one-half of the 4th fan in the CUE UI.  Aside from that, it should work normally.  Your other option is to move the 2 ML back to the Platinum's lighting controller.  That will split the lighting into the front SP-Elite x 3 and the pump/top fan group.  That might be better for now, but once you find another SP-Elite for the rear you will want to go back to option 1 while increasing the fan count to 8 LED series x 5 to cover all 40 LEDs (8-8-8-4-4-8).  


You can replace the the top radiator fans with 2 more SP-Elites.  The recently released ML-Elite is also an exact match for lighting with 8 center hub LEDs.  ML-Elite and SP-Elite can be used interchangeably in the RGB series.  The advantage here is the ML elite have a higher max speed, something you might want tp consider if you push your CPU hard with a 240mm radiator.  

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Hello @c-attack

I didn't expected suched a welled explained answer, and i have to say you thank you very much ! That helped me a lot understanding how RBG fans and types are working together !

I saw you gave a solution for exploiting the power of keeping the ML kind of fans.

But since i'm not really in a hurry, and not much pushing my CPU, just a simple streamer that wants a clean setup ! 🙂

In my case, since i'm not really pushing or my CPU etc.. don't you think the easiest way tohave a simple and nice setup of fans is to keep this my actual installation with the hubs, and replacing every fans that arent SP 120 ELITE, with the 3 SP120 ELITE i already have, so i have 6 SP120 Elites, One rear 3 front and 2 for the AIO ?

thanks again for your quick answser

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I think getting 3 SP-Elite is just fine. The 1500 rpm max is about where most people draw the line for noise on a 120mm fan. They are also available and seem to be on a discount the last month. Seems like an easy solution. 

You still should connect the two new SP-Elite (on the radiator) to the Platinum’s PWM fan splitter for speed control. The pump’s fan controller always will keep them running off the coolant temp whereas the Commander will need to fetch the data through the software. That means the fans may go crazy during boot and shutdown. In the same frame of mind, change your fan type in the Commander Pro settings from Auto to 4 pin for your current and future SP-Elite fans. That will stop the fan test to max when you power on. That lone SP-RGB is a 3 pin dc motor and must remain on auto or 3 pin.  

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Everything understood, thanks for the advice with Icue settings for the pin !  And yup i will put SP ELITE on the PWM fan splitter ! 

I will have 6 SP ELITE, so still one available for the rear one instead of the lone SP-RGB ! So i still should change it to have only SP ELITES right ? ( I might have not explained well but i have a total of 6 fans on my case and 6 SP ELITES availalbe on total), or should i let a SP RGB instead for some reason ?

You rock @c-attack for giving so much advices thanks a lot !


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Once you get the new SP-Elites you will set it to “8 LED fan x6”, just as you expect. Right now I am trying to cut the SP-RGB out of the loop. It’s not going to work right and only will screw up the timing for the other fans. You might have to disconnect the SP120-RGB wire from the LNCore if the software approach does not work. It can still work as a fan without issue. Just the RGB is a problem. 

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Hey it's me again,

So, i've installed all my 6 SP Elites fans this way : 

First for the LNcore : N1 is Rear Fan. N2 and 3 there is nothing plugged in. N4, 5 and 6 are the front fans.

Commander pro : USB channel 1 is attached to my AIO H100I Platinum wich as two Fans on it
                             USB channel 2 is attached to the LNcore
I've been struggling with the Icue software a lot, i don't really know how to set it up, still havent managed to get lights from front fans. I'm kinda desperated not finding how to get it working, i'm pretty sure it's cause i dont set it up well on the software ! 

Hope we'll find a solution !

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Update number 2 ! 

Well i taught it could have been cause there was nothing lugged in N 2 and 3, so i decided to not follow the building video that i used and plug the fans in 2 3 4 instead of 4 5 6, and it seems like it's working ! Gonna try to understand the Icue software better now !


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On most Corsair controllers you must start at RGB port 1 and move sequentially. Basic series circuit 1-2-3-4-5-6 and any breaks stop the light flow. Only the Commander Core/XT controllers have individual RGB ports that allow you to skip or will limit errors to that port. 

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Got it ! Now what i'm wondering, is how can i make my Icue understand My fans should be in this order Rear N1 , into AIO fans, into front panel 2 3 4. (My LNcore and AIO are both connected to a comander pro with USB. AIO in channel 1 and LNCore in channel 2)

Maybe should i disconnect the RGB from the AIO connectors, connect them to the LNCore, and just let the PWM on the AIO connectors ? Or is there another solution ?

I'm gonna try few things ! 

BTW, i noticed i couldnt choose Elites Fans for the lightining setup, dunno if that's important 

Icue 1.jpg

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You should leave the PWM speed control wires from the two AIO fans on the pump controller (splitter).  However, you should move the RGB wires to the Lighting Node Core.  Sequences will follow the port number order, although some effects can be reversed in the software.  So that's rear in #1, top 2-3, front 4-5-6.


In your screen shot, you are attempting to set the lighting from the Platinum AIO.  There is no need to keep the RGB fans there and that was one of the reasons to get the SP-Elite for the radiator vs the 4 LED ML-Pro that were there before.  On the LNCore, it should give you a "8 LED series fan" option that applies for all the 8 LED models (ML-Elite, SP-Elite, SP-Pro).


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Hello ! So yeah i've put everything on the LNCore, everything is working like a charm, everything detected as you said in Rear 1 top 2 3 and front 4 5 6.

I can control everything like I wish, a big thank you for the advices that you gave. RGB aint easy for a first time but sure is interesting !

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