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Front panel fans not lightning 4000X

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Hello guys ! (First of all i ain't english, so i'll try my best to explain myself)

Everything in my PC is corsair, AIO, RAM, Fans and Case.

I changed my case for a 4000X one and followed everything for the building on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxqadomEOQg

Let met explain my problem, my front panel fans not are not lightning at all but runs normaly, AIO ones are doing good and rear one sometimes lights and sometimes not. ICUE detects all of the fans and i can control the fan speed. 

I think my problem is that i have 3 different types of fans. 

3x SP120 RGB ELITE, in front panel.
1x Rear that is a SP120 RBG
2x ML120 PRO RGB that are connect with AIO H100i Platinum

A commander pro 

So my connections are like this : 

3x SP120 RGB ELITE in Front fans connected in the integrated Lightning Node (in 4,5,6)
1x SP120 RBG in Rear connected to integrated Lightning Node (in 1)

All of that connected to Commander pro by the USB 2.0

2x ML120 PRO RGB connected to AIO H100i, wich is connected to Commander pro by USB 2.0/

Now that i think i explain correcly, it's all like on the picture linked to the post. (Picture taken from the video before, but i done it exacly the same...)

My Icue detects Lightning and COMMANDER wich detects every fans, at least to control the RMP so i think everything is setup okay.

The thing is, after trying to selecting every fans, no way to get the front ones to get any lights. Managed to get some lights one the rear and AIO but never in front, but i guess integrated Hubs works cause rear RGb can work...

Do you think it's cause i have many different types of fans, or it may be a problem with a hub ?

 If you think it can be cause of the 3 different types, I got a pack of 3 SP120 RGB ELITE in stock, can i replace the AIO fans (2xML120 PRO RGB) and the rear one,(SP120 RGB) with the 3 SP120 RGB ELITE ?

That would mean all my 6 fans are SP120 RGB ELITE

Having only SP120 RGB ELITE may fix the issue, or should i already got lights on the ones already installed even tho they don't synchronise ? 

Thank you a lot for reading and i hope we'll manage to fix that !


PC vidéo.jpg


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