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How to make my RPM higher


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I have connected 3 fans and 1 water pump(hydro x xd7) on commander pro

the fans have 1500rpm for each set as QUIET

the pump have 2500rpm set as EXTREME

I have 2 radiators and the flow rate is around 100L/H

I want to have at least 120L/H

Is there anyway to make it higher?

I have already set all of these as 4pin

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you should create a custom fan curve for the pump and set its speed either fixed to a higher speed, or create a curve that has it at the flows you want.

The default settings (quiet, balanced, extreme) are complete thrash, and not suited for watercooling anyway.

It's better to do custom curves for fans and pump based off water temperature.

You probably don't need your fans at 1500 rpm on a setting supposed to be .. quiet 🙂

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Don’t use the standard quiet/balanced/extreme presets for custom water cooling. They are linked to cpu temp with a AIO liquid temp control curve. You can use the hydro x wizard to create additional presets, but they are the opposite and extremely relaxed. Probably not what you are looking for. 

As suggested above, use the + to create a custom curve. If you used a water sensor 10k thermal probe it can connect back to the Commander as a control variable (Temp 1, Temp 2, etc). 

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