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iCUE v4.9.350 Release Notes


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Software Enhancements
  • iCUE 4 is now a 64-bit application and features an extensive overhaul to the user interface to improve usability and provide a better experience
  • When mousing over device images on Home Screen, you are now able to view all of the tabs for the device – clicking on the tab will bring you directly there
  • Audio and Mice products will now allow you to select DPI or EQ setting directly from the Home Page
  • Implemented Mouseover for EQ on Home Page
  • Quick Lighting Zones have been re-introduced in iCUE to allow users to create custom LED groups (or select from our default list) for lighting assignment
  • NVIDIA FE GPUs will no longer appear as ASUS GPUs
  • When updating to iCUE 4 from iCUE 3, the software will create a backup of your profiles so you can roll back to the previous version without losing your data
  • iCUE allows you to watch our latest tutorials on YouTube – to access these videos, click the ? icon on the upper right of the window
  • iCUE backgrounds can now feature either a custom image or a custom video
  • To improve ease of use, Right Click has been introduced back into iCUE – users can now right-click on the device image to assign lighting or key assignments
  • Instant Lighting has been replaced by Scenes – Scenes function similar to Instant Lighting but now allow users to quickly assign any predefined Lighting Effect to all of their devices; users can also click on the + icon to create your own effects
  • Home Screen supports Sensor Widgets from the dashboard
  • “Set to Default” has been reintroduced back to iCUE – users who assign a profile as default (marked with a Home icon) will set iCUE to always launch with the default profile being the active profile
  • iCUE now features Notifications so users can be notified of firmware updates, errors, and other software related messages
  • Most of your settings previously found in iCUE 3 will now be listed in the ‘Device Settings’ tab for your specific device
  • iCUE 4 will now also feature step by step wizards for assisting with setup – as we continue to make improvements to the software, additional wizards will be implemented for more devices
  • Integrated tutorials are now available to guide users towards creating Lighting Effects and Key Assignments – we will continue to develop additional tutorials in future versions of iCUE

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