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Advice needed please on Fan layout order


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Would app some advice please regarding fan and rgb order.

At the front i was going to start at with the 4 fans  on the right downwards 1234 from the top ,then on the left front side again from the top 1234 then split the 2 rgb hubs into 1 signal with the major-g tech splitters .

Then at the front rear fans on the right from the top 123 and the left 123 from the top, then again into splitter for 1 signal.

That would be 4 rgb. hubs but 2 signals , am i correct or do you have to connect them differently.

I have plenty of hubs.

For the top i was going to start from the top left 123 then bottom left 456 into 1 rgb hub , then all into pwm hubs 

I do have a spare com pro to use for the ek rgb cpu block and corsair xg7 2080 super block plus the Ek quantum flt 360 res.

Also what would be the best idea for the rear …1 x 140 or 2 x 120’s .

Any simpler layout advice would be greatly app.

Thank you.



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