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K70 MK2 Plug-and-play ?


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Hello, I want to buy a K70 lowprofile to connect it at the same time to my personal PC and to my work laptop with a KVM switch. 
With the IT security standards of my work I cannot install any software on my work laptop just the drivers that Windows will find. 
Can the K70 work just by plugging it in USB to my work laptop? Thanks in advance.
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Yes our keyboards are plug and play and do not require software to work as a standard keyboard. You just will not have the software features such as RGB or macro control. If you intend to use the iCUE software via your personal system we do not support the device to be connected via a KVM switch as they are known to cause issues when it comes to software detection and control, and you will need to plug the keyboard directly into your system if you wish to utilize the software.

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