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Good evening all ,

Looking for some help if possible. Rebuilding my pc with a 1000d case. Looking to put in 10xql120 fans (8 front 2 rear), a h150i elite capellix with an additional 3 ml120s and a lighting node pro as well (either 4 or 6 strips).  What would be the best way to set this up? I've scrawled some rough ideas but worried putting all the fans via one commander pro (daisy chaining 4 lighting node pros and a commander core) is a bit much.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You have a couple of options. First, the 1000D comes with a Commander Pro ... and you have a Commander Core. So that is 12 PWM headers that you have (total). You can use a couple of PWM 2-way splitters to get all of them on both devices.

For the RGB, you can put the ML's with the Capellix on the Commander Core. For your fans, that's 2 fan hubs of 5 each. You can also use a hub splitter (available via 3rd party) to put both hubs on a single channel ... so you'll have 2 groups of identical LL fans. (Left Side + 1 in back, Right Side + 1 in back).

If you use a splitter, you can put the strips on the Commander Pro as well.

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