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Commander Core Pro Issues

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System details

Commader core pro

Commander pro

Lighting node

x9 QL RGB fans

Asus Gaming F x570

I've connected 3 fans to CP and their RGB to LN. All working.

But using CCP connected 6 fans and RGB. RGB works for pump and all 6 fans are spinning but no RGB. On Icue only the pump is detected and I can change the RGB, no fans detected cannot change speed and/or RGB.

I've tested all RGB on fans by plugging them into the the LN but that has maximum capacity of 6. And still cannot change speed of fans.

I've updated and reinstalled Icue and force updated eveything I could. Also I've disabled all other RGB apps eg Asus Aura and Razer Chroma. No luck.

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The Commander Core uses an auto-detect protocol for both the PWM side and the RGB side.  The PWM side is power related, so if the fans do not show their speeds 1-6  under the AIO pump picture, try shutting down fully, then flip the PSU switch off for 10-15 second, then back on a boot up normally.  For the RGB side, you can force an auto-detect run through the CUE device settings for the Commander Core.  If that still does not work, manually set it to QL x 6 in the Lighting Set-up tab.  


All other controllers besides the Commander Core (and Commander XT) require you to manually tell the program the fan type and number connected.  This will be the case for any fans connected to a RGB Lighting Hub and then to a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro.  This is also true for Lighting Node Core devices, like what came in the QL Multi-pack box.  

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The fans are now all detected so I change RPM. 

But still cannot get the RGB to work, Is the force detection ( LED Port Detection ) button in Capellix settings? If it is that did not work either and setting QL fan or Auto detect did not work.

1 fan RGB did turn for like 10 seconds and then turned off again after I did the PWM reset thing.

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I would contact Corsair Support and move this toward replacing the Commander Core. the link is in the top right corner of this page. 

Make sure you are not using any unusual SATA extensions or molex to SATA adapters for power to the Commander Core.  We’ve seen some that drop the 3.3 or 5v rails. If I understand correctly the fans did light up on the Lighting Node Core, so a general PSU SATA issue seems unlikely. 


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Each device has a small internal memory storage for saving “hardware effects” to the device. This is the displayed pattern when CUE is not running, like at boot, shutdown, BIOS, or any non-Windows environment. 

When CUE loads it then puts you in “software mode”. This is full array of patterns and high complexity options. This is set in the “Lighting Effects” tab. Make sure you have not been making changes in the Hardware Lighting section or you will not see it reflected back to you while in software mode. 

Are you using CUE 3.x or CUE 4?  CUE 3 loads blank slates into the software mode. It will show the default pattern at boot, but then turn off when the software loads as there is no assigned lighting. You must create a lighting effect and apply it to the fans, strips, etc.  In CUE 3 you can quickly check functionality by using Instant Lighting from the drop down menu to turn the entire system one color and override any device specific effects. 

You still have a fan out on boot, but it’s possible that is a fan issue and not controller based. The Commander Core is different than most other controllers as it’s not serial. If fan #3 does not light, swap its connection with fan #2 and see if lights there. If not, likely a bad fan. If the new #3 does not light, it could be a bad setting or a bad port. 

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