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So I Bought A Corsair K70 Mk.2 RGB about 2 months ago here in Pakistan. It was quite an expensive purchase for me here. But in under 2 months one of my keycaps has broken (the 4 key on the number bar above the alphabets) just by typing on the keyboard. I have been taking good care of the keyboard as it was quite expensive but still one of the keycaps has broken which is quite baffling. Now the key has become loose and i cannot use it properly, also  I am a very anxious person and I cannot continue using the keyboard knowing that i can break any other key as well. So Help is required in trying to fix this as i have stated it was EXPENSIVE and it should not break in under 2 months. 


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Hi Ammarali057,


We're terribly sorry to hear about your keycaps breaking repeatedly on that K.70 MK2 keyboard! Please create a ticket with the support team, and they will assist with replacing those keycaps for you under warranty. Please submit a ticket via the following page:




Thank you.

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