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DFI NF4SLI-DR and 2 sets of these TWINX1024-4400C25PT


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i will be running the DFI NF4SLI-DR

i will have a new 4000+ San Diego rev e athlon 64


i want to run 2 sets of these TWINX1024-4400C25PT = (4X512mbs)


is it possible to run these four in dual channel mode and at their default bus speeds. i want 2 gigs of ram in my new setup and i want lots of headroom for overclocking


i am confused if i need singel sided or if double sided will work and how to tell the difference.....also if these are not single sided(and i need single sided) can someone point me in the the dirrection of some high end single side ddr ram pc4000 or better



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At this time all 512 Meg modules and larger are double sided and with this platform if you install more than 2 modules it will by default set the memory to run at DDR333. If you want to over clock I would not suggest more than 2 modules for best performance. So no I am sorry I would not suggest what you are trying to do.
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