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Considering 5000D Airflow - Some Questions


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Hello everyone,


I’m working on a new system build and the 5000D airflow seems to be an intriguing case I’m considering for its various fan/rad combinations and emphasis on air. However, I’m having a hard time visualizing how I can make my components fit and had some questions; particularly regarding PSU and storage. I’d likely mount my 360 mm rad on the top, and add 120 mm fans to the front and maybe side of the case.


I have 4x 2.5” SDDs and 2x 3.5” HDDs (may consolidate to 1x if I can, not certain). I am also considering an HX1200 PSU if I can ever get my hands on one near MSRP, which appears to be a 200 mm unit plus some extra length for cables.


My primary questions are:


-Would an HX1200 (or any 200 mm deep PSU) + cables fit in the 5000D airflow with HDD cage installed? It seems I wouldn’t be able to use the low-profile PSU shroud if I do leave the HDD cage installed, which is no big deal but the manual is vague.


-I understand 1x 3.5” HDD could be mounted behind the motherboard tray instead of a 4th 2.5” SSD. Is there another SSD mount I could purchase to install my 4th SSD on the power supply shroud if I wind up mounting 1x HDD behind the tray? It appears the case only comes with 3x SSD mounts but seems to suggest 2x 2.5” SSDs could be mounted on top of the shroud, making 5 or 6 total - though it’s unclear to me. I’m not sure where I’d install my 2nd 3.5” HDD though if the HDD cage needs to be removed to accommodate a 200 mm PSU + cables.


Open to other suggestions as well.


Thanks very much for your time.

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The case mod that allows greater airflow will probably not work with the hx1200 psu plus the drive cage. The drive cage will fit with the psu although in the far left position.


There is a mounting point for either 3.5in or 2.5in drives located on the back of the motherboard access tray.


From what I can find, Corsair does not sell the SSD trays in the shop. Perhaps try contacting support and see if they will sell you one from there?


Also note that SSDs can be mounted using double-sided tape, which means they can be mounted pretty much anywhere you wish.


The two slots on the PSU shroud are alternative mounting locations for the three included SSD trays. There is nothing preventing you from using double sided tape and mounting your extra SSD in that location if desired.

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Hello. I'd like to know if there's someone out there that succeeded in fitting in an 180 mm PSU with the HDD cage.


I'm deciding between this one and the 7000d, and the decisive factor is if I'll be able to fit my RMi 850 PSU (180mm long) with two 3.5" HDDs.

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