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Corsair Link and the Z590 chipset


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recently, my Z490 chipset motherboard failed and was replaced by a Z590.

I have an H80i v2.

I find myself in a Catch 22 situation.

Corsair Link sees the H80i v2 but not the motherboard chipset

iCue sees the motherboard chipset but not the H80i v2.


My question is, does it matter that Corsair Link cannot see the motherboard temperatures?



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You're asking about a program retired 3 years in a dead forum section on a major holiday weekend and then getting upset no one responded to you within 36 hours?


The H80i v2 should not need to see the motherboard temp or CPU temps. It does need to see the H80i v2 Temp (coolant temp). That is the native sensor in the cooler and Link can see it. Your fan curves should be running from that sensor value.

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