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Trying to get my Dram Rma-ed but no response

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I have 2 kits of Vengeance RGB Pro 3600 and one of them doesnt run on XMP Clocks. I just get weired errors and Bluescreens.


I did my homework. One kit runs perfectly fine as it should and when switching to the other 2 -> Lambada.


Kits are in the approved memory list of my motherboard.


Asus X370 Maximus X Hero.


Now Im trying to get it rma ed through the website but its been a week now and I get no response, just the "Request Received" eMail.


Getting a bit impatient because Im rebuilding my PC at the moment.



A bit of background story:


I bought them in 2018, when I had a z170 Board but I couldnt get them stable at XMP clocks.

I thought its because of the board and ended up running them on 3200, but not 100% stable.

They still had some rare crashes but I was fine with it. (C18)

Really bad for 500 bucks Rams and I should have sent them back but it is what it is.


Now I was able to buy an z370 Board and an 9900k but I ran into serious problems when setting up XMP clocks again.

After a full weekend of research ( dont blame me I thought it was because of the board :) ) I found the culprit.

One kit isnt able to run at the XMP clocks.


The good thing is I know a lot of Bios Codes now and nearly every setting in the Bios and what it does X_X

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Got an response now. thx


After a bit of discussion and me trying my best in english language I tested the sticks in memtest86 which took 4h!!!

I dont have time for that...


But in the end they seemed to be ok and the problem is motherboard related.

I will check for bent pins of the CPU Socket tomorrow as I bought it second hand.


Thanks for the support and sry for the hassle.

Keep smiling and bye!

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