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180 € keyboard is not working?

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Hello guys,


I love corsair equipements and been a customer for almost 20 years.


I just bought a K63 wireless + lapboard for 180 € on amazon. The thing is simply not working. It works for few seconds, then stop, alternatively.


- I fully charged it,

- Tried to reinitialize it

- I set the dongle 10 cm from it with the usb cable.

- Tried to connect it directly with the cable

- Installed icue v4 and updated the drivers.


--> not fixed.


I've opened a ticket and didn't get reply for now. I am very surprised that such an expensive product could be defective. I've been using a 20 € Log**ech wireless keyboard for years and never had issues with it.


I see a lot of negative feedbacks online and it scares me. Should i return it to amazon while I can, or is there a chance to get it working?




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  • Corsair Employee

Hi Gilles,


We're very sorry to hear about the negative experience you're having with your K63 keyboard.


What is the ticket# for the request you've opened? I will have someone look at your ticket and help get things moving along for you.

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