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K65 RGB MINI - How to type vowels with accents and ñÑ

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Hello forum,


Can someone please explain how to type special characters with accents as well as the ñÑ on this keyboard? I can't figure it out, I have read through the entire manual but there's nothing in it.


I tried ALT + FN + the correspondent number sequence and nothing.



Please help!!!

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi jmkmx,


The ASCII characters are something that you need a numpad for. So your options here are, bind a keycombo with FN or FN2 to make a key be seen as a numpad key.


In CUE4, you would create a key assignment, click the Keyboard Option, then select the numpad key you want, or for a special character.


Your best bet here for ease of memory is probably to bind FN+FN2+n to each of your top row numbers, but some 'keyboard gymnastics' might be required to hit all the keys needed. Hope this helps.

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