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K65 rapidfire ligthning profile only works when icue is installed. Can´t save rgb profile

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I use my K65 rapidfire RGB at home and at work. I've installed icue software and set a rainbow rgb profile as default. But at the office, the keyboard only lites in red.

I cannot install any software at work so I need to save profile to hardware. Seems that my icue version does not allow that.

A picture with my profile is attached. The sd card icon does nothing when clicked.


icue version is 4.14.17

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  • Corsair Employees

Your keyboard only has the ability to save a single static lighting effect to the onboard storage which would be why it only has a static red effect when you are at your office and no iCUE running. Currently there is a bug in the iCUE 4 software where you don't even have the ability to change that static lighting effect and in order to do so you will need to revert to the iCUE 3 software instead if you wish to make that change.

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