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Request for RMA

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I have a bad RIMM module. It is Corsair CM616DR256-800E 0349144. The computer is a Dell Dimension 8100 and has been running the memory modules great for several months. The original 2 RIMMs were replaced by 2 new Corsair RIMMs. The computer recently started blue screening during operation sometimes running for 2 minutes or so before blue screen with stop errors. When the computer was restarted the post beeps were 5-2-2-1. When the machine is turned off for a while it will boot and indicate that there is a memory error in the a particular slot. I tried reseating the RIMMs, using the other pair of slots and putting the terminators in the other slots, replacing the terminators, installing in another Dell Dimension 8100. I still get the same errors and beep codes and now confirmed which of the two RIMMs is bad because the system boots after sitting for a while and the BIOS indicates which slot has the memory error. I have run MEMTEST and it indicates bad memory also. Fry's will not take the memory since it is past the return time. I need a RMA to replace this module under the lifetime warranty.
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