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MSI neo2 Platinum Nforce 3 and twinX2048 [2x1024] 400mhz ddr


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hello to the experts.


i used the search feature but i might have missed the discussion on dimm placement with this mobo.


i have seen several contridicting opinions [i hesitate to call them "instructions"] for dimm placement.


some advocate using dimm 1 & 3 [both greens] for ddr. the msi manual suggests that leaving a green colored dimm [1 or 3] empty while using a purple dimm [2 and 4] will cause stability issues.


others advocate using dimms 1 and 2 to make best use of ddr modules.


so im a bit confused. what do the corsair experts think is the optimum placement on this board?


as a side note, i also have the same twinX in the 2 x 512 in another box. if i were to decide to combine all 4 modules, what configuration would work best, if at all?


thank you in advance!

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First off you should really be asking your MB maker this question. And can you tell me if you have a socket 939 or socket 754 MB and our modules exact part#?


thanks for your fast reply!


its a socket 939 mobo using an athalon 64 3800+ cpu.

mobo model #

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (601 - 7025 - 010)


the modules are: [as reads on the individual modules]

cmx1024-3200PT xms3200v1.3 0516131-1

xms3200 1024mb 400mhz


it was packaged as :




with regard to asking msi...tech support is unresponsive. the manual included with the mobo shows placement for ddr as using dimm 1 & 2. my question was asked here because not only have i seen expert advice given here [i lurk occasionally], but also, over the years, i have come to distrust manufacturer documentation that was most likely printed before beta testing of the hardware.


i did plug in this new ram to my asus a7n8x del to run memtest, and as usual, corsair performed flawlessly.


thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

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