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iBook memory compatability question


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I have an Apple 1Ghz iBook and am looking to add some RAM to it. I was thinking about either getting a 512MB or 1GB chip. The iBook I have says it uses DDR266 but I would like to know if I could buy a Corsair DDR400 module and put it in there instead. I know if it only supports DDR266 I will not see a big jump in performace if any at all, but I would like to know if it will work and at least as well as the DDR266 module. If so, which model would you recommend?


The reason I want to this is because if one day I buy another laptop that supports DDR400 I can use the same memory module. If I can then I will buy the 1GB module, otherwise I will just stick with the 512MB one. Also, are there any BIOS settings I should adjust on my mac? If so, could you please tell me how to do it?


I have found corsair memory to be reliable, I currently have "TWINX1024-3200C2PT" in my desktop and it seems to work great. It's what had me coming back for my next memory upgrade. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide and have a nice day.


- Kurt

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Most OEM systems will not post if you use a faster module than what’s suggested and or required. I would have to assume that Apple would be the same. And I would suggest you use CMSS512MB-2100SOD with this system for best compatibility.

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