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ASUS P4P 800 Deluxe with TwinX 1024 3200 XL


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First, please excuse my english...I'm from germany. ;-)


My Problem:


I'm using a ASUS P4P 800 deluxe MB with a P4 3.2 GHz (Northwood Core) and my new TwinX 1024 3200 XL Ram (Dual Channel) , but...

if i choose the settings by SPD at a frequency of 200 MHz CPUz tells me that the Ram ist set to: 2,5;2;2;5 (Performance Mode disabled)

Burst length set to 8 (every time)


If i set the timings manually to 2;2;2;5 (Performance Mode disabled)

I get some graphical artifacts in several games.


If i switch the memory acceleration mode and the performance Mode on, the system doesen't Start anymore....so, sometimes getting a bluescreen, sometimes the system shut down completely. Using only the performance mode, i get a lot of graphical artifacts...for example in 3dMark03....and they do not disappear even, if i close 3dmark03...then i have some corrupted graphics on my Desktop...then i have to reboot.


Any Ideas? Memtest passes without any probs with settings by spd.


best regards,




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