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CMX512-3700PT with p4b533-e - memtest failed


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Firstly, let me tell you that i am french, and as a consequence, do not blame me for my english :p


Just posting in order to get some information, since everything i got over the net was not clear enough to get a solution to my problem.


My desktop computer is a p4 2@2,8GHz on a p4b533-e (asus motherboard). I o/c this comp a year and a half ago, with two 3500C2PT 256Mb modules (freq: 140MHz, timings 2/2/2/5, mem:cpu ratio 1:1). Memtest, after a complete run (all tests, took me around 24h to make several passes) ended up with no error. Since then, the comp was stable, didn t notice any random crashes so far.


Recently, i decided to upgrade to 1Gb for this comp, and chose to buy another 512Mb memory module. Unfortunately, the online reseller didn t have the memory in stock (although it wasn't indicated on his website), and after a brief mail exchange between us, he proposed to send me a PC3700 memory module (CMX512-3700PT) for the same price.


Thinking that "who can more can less", I accepted.


Now, after having installed the memory module in bank0, i decided to run a memtest, just to check everything was fine.


First pass, all tests, no error. Second pass ended up with around 2 million errors, all of them were on the incriminated module. I swaped many times his place, to no avail: errors are always appearing after second pass, on the same module.


So i started looking over the net, and to my surprise, I found that SPD timings were 3/4/4/8 for 232MHz. Of course, my mb didn't have such timings at proposal (the max i could reach were 2,5/3/3/7, cf JEDEC specifications i guess).


Of course, any "eating memory" applications (games, maya, video compression...) is crashing randomly, sometimes after 5 min, sometimes after 3 or 4h non stop).


I decided to post my problem, just in order to get some kind of clue: is my CMX512-3700PT defective or is it just some kind of a compatibility problem? If yes, anyway to fix it, or buy another memory module that could support my comp configuration?


Thanking you in advance for your help :)

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  • Corsair Employees

You English is fine, no worries mate!

And I am sorry but you would not be able to Mix these modules as they would not support the same settings. I would see if the reseller will let you send that module back and find another use for the modules you have now and just get a CMS1024-3200C2 for pest performance with this MB.


Vous l'anglais est très bien, aucun inquiète le compagnon! Et je suis désolé mais vous ne pourriez pas mélanger ces modules car ils ne soutiendraient pas les mêmes arrangements. Je verrais si le revendeur vous laissera envoyer que dos de module et trouve une autre utilisation pour les modules que vous avez maintenant et obtenir juste un Cms1024-3200c2 pour l'exécution de parasite avec ce mb.

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