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One GB Voyager suddenly stopped working


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I got a one GB Flash Voyager just last week. I use WinXP with SP2 on an Intel 845GV, with the latest drivers installed. The unit was initially detected just fine (even the drive name was being shown as CORSAIR), and I was able to store files on it. However, it suddenly just stopped working.


The pc was switched on, and the drive had been plugged in and detected. It was viewable in Windows Explorer, and the Safely Remove Hardware icon was being displayed in the taskbar. I transferred some files too. About 15 mins later, when I tried to save some files, I noted that the both the icon and the drive had disappeared.


I restarted the machine, but to no avail. I unplugged the unit, restarted the machine and plugged it back in. The blue LED flashed a couple of times, I got a pop-up notification saying the drive was being detected, then unrecognized, then the pop-ups disappeared. I tried different combinations, but to no avail.


I stay in India, and had asked someone to get this drive for me from Malaysia, as I had read a lot on the high quality and reliability of Corsair's products. I am, quite frankly, very disappointed with this failure. It had hardly been plugged in about 5-6 times, and it just stopped working.


Please respond. Thanks.

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Let's get it replaced.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


I have gone through the process, and Corsair has asked me to mail them the module. However, I wanted a clarification about the shipping costs. I asked DHL, and they saw that shipping the module from India to the US would cost me over $50. This is more than half of what the module cost me in the first place. I really think I shouldn't have to pay for this.


Could you kindly clarify this for me?

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  • Corsair Employee
I am sorry but you would pay the shipping to us and we will pay to ship it back. I would also suggest you go thru your reseller as they would or should be able to help you with out the shipping cost.
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