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Using Commander Pro in a non Corsair Case


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I am currently in the process of upgrading my PC and recently got the Phanteks Eclipse P500A D-RGB case.


I want to use 7x Corsair LL RGB fans (140mm x4, 120mm x3) in the case, along with the Commander Pro and the Lighting node that goes with it.


Would the Commander pro be compatible with the P500A case? If so, where in the case would be the best place to put it?


Additionally, the case has a RGB strip along the PSU shroud. Can Icue control this? Or would I need something like the Asus Aura Sync on my new motherboard?



Thanks for the help

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I'm using a CoPro in a non-Corsair case (Lian Li), so maybe I don't have all the answers for you.


About placing, easy search of CoPro dimensions.


About fans, watch out... 7 fans are more than the CoPro and the LNC (or RGB Hub) can handle (6).

No problem for RPM management, you'll just need a Y splitter and you just won't be able to control the 2 fans connected to the splitter individually.

For RGB management it's a little more complicated, I know only 1 eBay reseller that makes those cables for Corsair stuff.


Same problem for case RGB strip... I'm controlling mine with iCue connecting it with an adapter cable to the CoPro (same reseller as above, not cheap if you leave outside US) and it works fine.


AFAIK you will need AURA only if you have an Asus motherboard and you are planning to control its RGB through iCue.


Hope it helps! :)



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