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  1. Only configurations that work with Video Lighting are the preset ones, every custom config can either work for sometime and then start acting weird or don't work at all. Long-time reported issue, Corsair said the were working on it, but it dates back prior to iCue 4 release... I'm loosing my hope. Baio
  2. Video Lighting is avaliable only with iCue's presets, if you use a custom configuration of strips, it simply won't show. I have a starter kit + 2x250mm expansion and I have set them 250+450+250+250+450+250 as it's the best way they cover my 34" UW curved monitor's back. If I choose double monitor preset, I have Ambient Lighting avaliable and working for some time, then the strips start to act weird. It's a long-time problem that has been brought to Corsair attention several times, but still no luck for us... and meanwhile they also released v.4 of iCue. Nothing much to do then cross our fingers and hope. Baio
  3. Video Lighting only works with predefined setups, not with custom ones. It’s a long-way issue Corsair is aware of, but no luck till now. I’d save money until a new version of iCue officially supports it. Baio
  4. Unless you buy an adapter. I’m controlling the same case strip connected to a CoPro, Baio
  5. The solution didn't work for me too. The final solution for me was: - new Windows 10 installation - installation of Armoury Crate - update AC to latest version - install iCue 4 Now I can still update AC by first closing iCue, upgrading, rebooting before opening iCue again. Red triangle almost disappeared, I've seen it a couple of times in a month, rebooting fixes it. Not completely happy, I'd rather prefer dealing with the lighter Aura instead of the real heavy AC (but anyway I have enough PC power not to see the difference) but simply Aura did not work in the fresh installation of the latest Windows 10 release. Baio
  6. AFAIK there is no way at the moment to use custom dimension strip arrays with Video Lighting, unless they use the same exact number and kind of strips you see in the predefined setup modes like Double Monitor and Single UW Monitor. The fun fact is that both this setups involve the same strips (250 - 450 - 450 - 250 - 450 - 450), so they are just doubles... But they are also quite useless for UW monitors... I have a 34" curved monitor that is less than 90cm. in width, so if I'd install 2x450 on bottom and top, the strips would peep from the sides (and you have also to consider the space taken by the 250 strips). This is my actual setup, the one that best covers my monitor's back: But, as I said, I can't use it with Video Lighting, iCue does not offer the option. If I use Double Monitor or Single UW Monitor setups, Video Lighting option pops up and works for some time, then breaks and strips start to act weird. This is a long time ago reported problem, no official answer at the moment, only the promise of a fix in a next version of iCue but no luck so far. Quite upsettinmg to me, as I can see any reason why one can't use VL if the number of leds involved is less. Baio
  7. Unfortunately Corsair seems to care very little about this product... :(: Baio
  8. Many people also use the 2xQL fan setup... I tested it and works smoothy. Baio
  9. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=206258 This thread may help someone while we wait some official post by Corsair. Baio
  10. Thanks for this post, I'm sure it will help a lot of users! Just a question... is the plugin mandatory to be installed or does it get installed automatically by iCue? I've recently installed Windows from scratch, then installed Armoury Crate (because Aura does no longer work with latest Windows updates) and iCue but didn't install the plugin standalone. I suspect the reason why Aura seems not to work anymore could be in me not installing the plugin... Baio
  11. Which support did you contact? Asus or Corsair? Baio
  12. Thanks for your replay... I'm so bad at DIY works that I prefer to wait... :D: Baio
  13. Ok for Lighting Service... this service must be installed and running (Automatic Start), whast about "ASUS SDK" Which services are needed to be running? I suspect the red triangle and RGB effect stuck on my RAM are caused by some Asus service automatically running at startup, because if I boot and get the red triangle, close iCue then start it again, it works fine. Baio
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