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Possibly bad RAM...advice requested!


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I have two sticks of CMX512 3200LLPT, running in dual channel mode on an Intel box with an Abit IC-7 Max3.


When installing WinXP, I could not get past the setup routine. After troubleshooting the more obvious choices, I decided to replace the two Corsair sticks with two sticks of Crucial Ballistix that I had installed in another PC. The solved the XP install issue...installed fine. Once installed, I rebooted the PC with the Corsair back in and it appeared fine. However, I ran Sisoft and Prime95 and both tests failed within the first few mins. Prime95 never made it past the first iteration.


I have the BIOS set to detect SPD, then manually changed it to 2326 when the problems were not going away. The voltage is set to 2.6V then to 2.65, then to 2.7. Still the problems exists. I reseated a few times now. I swapped DIMM slots. There is no overclocking on the system...all running native defaults. No raid.


Any advice would be appreciated. If it is thought to be defective, what is the best protocol to get an RMA? Fill out a form right away or wait for some administrative advice? I bought the RAM from newegg about 4-5 months ago.





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