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Faulty stick of VS512MB400 ram


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Dear Mr Ramguy,


On the 25th Feb 2005 I bought a pack of corsair ram from Dabs.com in the UK.


the pack was called 2x512mb 184Dimm PC3200 NP CL3


one stick of this pair of ram chips has become faulty


the faulty stick of ram has the following label on it


Corsair Value Select Memory




Symtoms were randon crashes of my PC. After many investigations I narrowed

fault down to a memory problem.


and using memtest86+ to test the ram confirmed the problem


with both sticks installed I got lots of errors in the test


then trying both sticks individually but using the same motherboard slot

to run the test, one stick fails constantly the other stick shows no

errors at all.


I have tried to get dabs.com to replace the single stick but they never

return my emails.


Obviously I only want to return the faulty stick as otherwise I will have

no memory in my system and therefore have no PC to use.


How do I go about getting the faulty piece of memory replaced ?

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